The magic of the third dimension

If its true that a picture can say more than a thousand words, then a hologram will say more than a thousand pictures. And indeed words greatly fail to describe the sensational experience felt by looking at a hologram. The object represented, breaks through the boundaries of he flat surface and by magic of the third dimension gets depth; a picture changing with the changing of the point of view, just like real objects change their form when we change our point of view

Here at DHL we have experience at making high quality holograms for years. Since DHL was founded in 1983 we have obtaind a large knowledge of making the holograms you desire. All the years of experimenting and research has given us the advantage to construct your custom hologram you wish with the help of our own developed tools.


Holograms made here in DHL are produced with our skill, devotion and care. We have 5 labs, 7 optical tables, 10 lasers and 4 tables equiped with holoprinters like the MPGH, DFCH or the Dot holoprinter. Our own build software enables us to capture your 3d computer model in a hologram.

DHL consist of very professional employees that leave no stone unturned. To deliver the best of the best holograms with incredible depth and realism. Every hologram made by DHL is made with the right mix of Expierence, Tools and People... That?s our way to insure you get a hologram of the best quality possible



DHL is located in Eindhoven at the Kanaaldijk Noord 63. That's the place where the magic happens and the holograms are made and shipped to customers worldwide.