1995/1996 Report

The year 1997 has begun, so by all means this is a good time to inform you about Dutch Holographic's newest breakthrough in Holography.

Video Animated Holograms
After we improved the Photo and Computer Generated Holograms we needed a new challenge; holograms with VIDEO INPUT. In the hologram you see the first result of our efforts. It is a sneak preview of what is going to be a very promising addition to the services we already offer.

Think of all the nice moments you can enclose in one moving hologram! Videoclips, wildlifesports, news items, movies, you name it!

Using our new DHoX holosoftware it is very easy to rapidly change depth, place, animation and colors. You can place separate video's in different layers as in the sample.

The video hologram contains up to 5 seconds of video images (125 frames). Although no real 3D data is used in this hologram, consider the impact on your customers.

Choose your best video moment, send it over and we produce these memorial seconds in large volume.

New Phone Number
Recently the Dutch telephone and fax numbers have changed to 10 digits. Especially our foreign customers may have had some difficulty in reaching our firm, so for good order these are the new numbers.

Look for regular updates... © Dutch Holographic Laboratory 2002

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