1994 Report

New holographic technologies are developing fast. We at DHL thought the beginning of the new year would be a good time to bring you up to date.

The hologram of the Piano on the front is a perfect example of these new technologies. This image has been produced completely digitally. Designed on our Silicon Graphics workstations it was printed with the new DHL Digital full color Holoprinter. This printer automates the 2D/3D and full 3D master holograms generation for embossed holography.

The First Stone
In February the first stone was laid, by our former prime minister Ruud Lubbers, at the ambitious “Kop van Zuid” real estate project in Rotterdam. The stone was not real but recorded by DHL on a 50x60 cm reflection hologram! Three copies of the rare remnant of the medieval city rampart will be on display at the metro entrance in the building. This is the first Holographic “laying of the foundation stone” of which we know.

DHL goes digital
Since several years DHL not only produces holograms in the traditional way, but more and more the computer has become an important tool in making our Computer Generated Holograms. Our Silicon Graphics Workstations (SGI), the same one as used to create the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, allow us to make holograms with astonishing effects, as you will see.

Elvis Presley
By grabbing Elvis Presley from a videotape and using the latest 3D software and morphing techniques Elvis resurrected in a hologram; Elvis became alive! A few years ago this would only have been possible with the real Elvis. This clearly illustrates that the restrictions of early holography are over. With the new era of digital holoprinting “everything” is possible; like making your holiday snapshots become 3D.

Virtual images
The 3D computer design of objects and images are getting more accepted and used. Therefore holography is expanding itself from just a nice picture to a rapid virtual prototyping tool. In a joint project, a 50 x 60 cm reflection hologram of a computer model of a car dashboard was realized. The computer model being very realistic was rendered with shadows and the original texture map. The short production time to get a 3D view showed the usefulness in the designing processes.

Latest Quality Award
For many years we produce different Quality Awards. The early ones were made with real objects the traditional way. Later on it switched to photographic recording technique. The latest Holographic Quality Award, made for the “Instituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit”, is designed on the SGI in full color. This shows that the quality of our new technologies gradually will surpass the classic method.

Medical instruction hologram
An other way of getting the attention you want is illustrated by the Brexine hologram. Our client Christiaens Pharmaceuticals sells their new medicine using an explanation video tape. To get a better interaction and a presentation you won’t forget, they now use a Computer Generated Hologram in two colors with animation. The animation, 200 different views, starts with the medicine entering the stomach showing the dissolving parts floating to the stomach wall. Next, in the corners pops up a detailed view to show how the medicine enters the blood through the stomach wall.

Going ahead
Last August the two year governmental subsidizing program (PBTS) for the development of the Office Holoprinter ended. The result of the feasibility study is that we now proudly present multicolor holograms size 12 x 18 cm by the push of a button. One lucky visitor had his face holographed in only 17 minutes. All needed was a video camera, a SGI 3D workstation and the DHL Office Holoprinter.

These fabulous results and the positive reactions from 3D users directed us to complete the system for customer use. For the next phase, building a demonstration model, we entered a competition, called the BSI program of Senter, a department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This time we ended fourth out of thirty companies entering the competition.

To support our research projects we contracted three bright young men, introducing Eugène Rath, administration and network specialist, Geert-Jan Plattèl working on our SGI computers and the Office Holoprinter and Niels Govers responsible for the automation of the printers.

New techniques provide new possibilities. We invite you to use these new possibilities with holography for your marketing, or to previsualize your CAD designs rapidly in 3D.

Look for regular updates... © Dutch Holographic Laboratory 2002

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