1993 Report

In keeping up with our annual tradition we would like to share our latest developments in holography with you. Together we have realized some amazing holographic projects to make automatic holography become reality. We have developed three new holographic machines which we introduced at Cebit in Hannover.

European Patent Office
In April Prof. Dieter Jung approached DHL with an ambitious project for the European Patent Office in Munich. A total of 18 m² (square meters) was produced and applied to a prism turner of 2,00 x 3,20 (times 3 makes 18 m²). The holograms were all unique in design. To promote and support this project, a full-color holographic computer-generated embossed hologram was produced.

Office of the Future
Our new computer graphics technology was used for several projects including the Office of the Future project from Chriet Titulaer, the visionary Dutch TV celebrity and entrepreneur. For the 2,000 opening cards DHL reduced the building 1,000 times into a hologram.

Quality Awards
DHL continues to produce the Awards for a range of clients, for instance Philips (PQA), European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), Broadcast Press (Media Scoop), Bedrijfsschap Stukadoors (Dry Wall Award), AKZO (Quality Award). These companies use holography for its dynamic and innovative appeal.

G.E.W. project
We were invited to prepare a proposal for a world unique holographic roof of 150 m², for G.E.W., the German Electricity Board. Because of uniqueness, nobody knew how the roof would look. Therefore, we showed G.E.W. a fly-through computer simulation of the site including a wide range of weather, lighting conditions and viewing positions, made on our SiliconGraphics workstations. With this simulation, we also have all the technical data in the 3D computer model to produce such an ambitious project.

In March we displayed our Holoprinter® at Cebit at the ServoData booth of our Czech associates. Many people showed interest in our Office Holoprinter applications. As a result, we are now doing benchmark tests for 2 major world-wide companies.

Apart from our 2-step Holoprinter we have three new developments:

1.In San José,at SPIE's annual meeting, in February'93, we presented the results of our Office Holoprinter®,producing holograms from your computerdata in one easy step.

2.Our second major hardware development is the Dotprinter. European Optical Disc commissioned us to prepare holograms for CD Masters. We made several designs combined with our Dotprinter technique. This technique is scheduled for production in 1994. The Dotprinter pictures made in a drawing program like Coreldraw can be transferred to spectacular dynamic holographic colors. To introduce the Dotprinter, we have applied a sample on the front cover of this card. The image is built up out of 2.500 dot holograms. The technology can be easily adapted to CD's, packaging, security and paper embossing.

3.The third major hardware development is the full color embossing digital Holoprinter®. Images designed in the 3D Holosoftware TRACES can be automatically transferred into photoresist masters from which the embossed holographic stickers are produced. The hologram records the graphical computer data from an LCD screen. This is done under the achromatic angle to produce full color holograms. With this new technique pixels are invisible.

Thanks to you DHL is at the forefront of automating holography. Your vision and support was essential in achieving these innovations.

Next year we will commercialize the newly developed Holoprinters. These Holoprinters will be the future for holographic imaging. We look forward to working with you to realize your ideas with these new technologies.

Look for regular updates... © Dutch Holographic Laboratory 2002

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