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Welcome to the Hologram shop.

For your conveniece we have devided the ordering proces in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 Select wich holograms you like to purchase by selecting the checkbox by the proper hologram.
Step 2 Select the extra options you want to have deliverd with you hologram like spots to illuminate your holograms or a frame for protection of you hologram.
Step 3 Fill in your personal information so that we can contact you. Your e-mail adress is used for contact purpose only and will not be given to others.
Step 4 Select wich payment method you like to use keep in mind that prices are excluding shipping cost and taxes.Only EU citizens are charged 19% VAT


* are real three dimensional images recorded on a flat surface;
* are made with advanced lasers and high precision developping techniques;
* give real paralax in the image, not just from one point of view;

Todays advanced laser technology together with improved light sensitive material and very high resolution development techniques result in holograms that are far cry from the early foggy holograms viewable only in dark surroundings.
The production of holograms is no longer a scientific experiment, but has become a skill practice in small advanced industries. This brings within reach the recording of artistic unique set ups as well as the mass producing of copies of the original recording.
The holographic image is a result of the reconstruction of a wavefront which is identical to the reflection of light from the original object. This means that with a hologram the perspective of the original object is viewable over a wide viewing angle (dynamic perspective) in contrast with the static perspective (from one position) of for instance stereo photo's and pseudo stereo postcards.